What’s New at VinylSkins?

Everything is new except for the owners! We’ve been a family-run business since the beginning and continue to be. Welcome to the new VinylSkins, while you’re here be sure to set up a new account. This will make ordering quicker and easier but also will store your custom designs for future use.  If you’d like to know about any future updates you can also sign up to our newsletter.

The most exciting new feature is the customizer tool! Whereas the old customizer only allowed you to upload an image, the new one allows you to edit your image, add text and so much more without having to learn complicated photo editing software. We’re constantly adding new designs to our lineup and have begun offering commissions to artists who’d like to sell their designs for skins. Contact us if you’re an artist who would like to sell your designs through our site.

If you’ve been a customer with us for a while, you’ll have noticed that the original is now known as VinylSkins Classic. There are no plans to take that site down so it’ll remain for people who prefer the original layout or cannot find templates available on the new site yet. Eventually everything will be moved from the classic site to here and we’ll decide what to do with the site at that time. Most of the VinylSkins Classic site isn’t functioning properly at the moment and rather than get it fixed we decided to completely overhaul the entire site and make it current. 

We don’t post too often but we’ll try to keep everyone up to date on what’s going on here. Thanks for being a part of VinylSkins over the years and we look forward to continue working with you in the future.

Leave us a reply below in the comments section (also new)! We’d love to hear from you.

  • Josh

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